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SMS Composer for SmartWatch

1.99 usd

Write and send SMS from your Sony SmartWatch. Compose message using T9 keyboard. Send to an existing contact in your address book, or directly input the recipients number.
Type the message directly, or choose from the templates which you can define in the app settings. Use codes such as %name, which will be replaced with the recipients name upon sending ;-)
NEW: Check out the new Messaging Hub app, which enables replying to Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Hangouts, FB Messenger, Telegram, etc.:
UPDATE, v5.8:If the app is performing slowly, TURN SPELLING SUGGESTIONS OFF IN THE SETTINGS.Spelling suggestions are currently available for these languages:* English* Russian* Italian* German* French* Portuguese* Greek* Serbian* Croatian* Slovenian
The spelling suggestions need to be enabled in the app settings (on your phone/tablet) first. Use the keyboard switch (top right) to select the keyboard and turn spelling suggestions on / off.
DELETE a char via the <- button on the right.Insert SPACE via the _ button on the left.SWIPE UP/DOWN to scroll through the text suggestions.Video demo:
INSTRUCTIONS (for SmartWatch2 and v5 see the note above):========================================================
Step 1.A: Write the message-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Swipe RIGHT to input SPACESwipe LEFT to DELETESwipe UP to enter CAPSSwipe DOWN to switch between keyboards.
When done writing, LONG TAP the blue area to confirm the message contents.
Step 1.B: Choose from a template----------------------------------------------------------------------------------LONG TAP the "Use predefined message?"
= Template list mode =Swipe UP and DOWN to find the template you want to use.LONG TAP the template to preview it (i.e. switch to Template preview mode)LONG TAP the blue area on the left to directly select the template, without previewing.Swipe LEFT to switch to Template preview mode
= Template preview mode =Swipe UP and DOWN to find the template you want to use.LONG TAP the blue area with the text "Use this one" to select the template.LONG TAP on the gray area with the text "Cancel" to return to Step 1.ASwipe RIGHT to switch to Template list mode
Step 2: Select the recipient from your contact list, or directly enter the number--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Swipe LEFT: to delete the last typed number or characterSwipe RIGHT: to delete allSwipe UP / DOWN: to switch to T9 searchSwipe UP / DOWN: to list through the search results in T9 mode
LONG TAP on the green area to confirm the selection / input.

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